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Giving gifts - Birthday or holiday gifts can really add up, especially when you are spending $20.00 on your child's friend's gifts! Children can be creative with gift giving, a mini scrapbook, a special outing or a small donation made in their friend's name can leave a lasting impression and won't cost as much.

Canada Savings Bonds - A birthday can be a great opportunity to start your child on the path to long-term savings. Government savings bonds are a great way to teach your child something new about investing while providing them with a building block for their future. Canada Savings Bonds are safe, secure investments that offer minimum guaranteed interest rates. They are cashable at any time.


Whether it is your child's birthday or one of their friends, birthday parties are a big part of childhood fun. These celebrations don't have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to have a memorable event without straining yourself financially.

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Set Priorities

Children will have plenty of ideas about how to spend their birthday. You can organize a great birthday party while still letting your child know that there will need to be some compromises. Before discussing the event with your child, decide how much you are prepared to spend on the party. Be realistic - setting the bar too high can have financial consequences for other areas of your budget. Write down your number and stick to it while you involve your child in planning the party.

Ask your child what kind of party they want. How many friends do they want to invite? Where do they want to go? What do they want to do? Work together to accommodate your child's requests in the family budget.

Have fun preparing for the party

After setting up a plan for your child's birthday, it's time to start preparing. There are some fun things you and your child can do together at home that will help you save on the total cost of the party. Give your child the responsibility to take the lead on some of the preparations.

Baking your own cake or cupcakes will save you some cash, as will preparing the birthday food. Look for make-ahead finger-friendly recipes that can be frozen and ask your child to help you prepare them.

You'll find colourful, reasonably priced party invitations, paper napkins and plates, disposable tablecloths, plastic utensils, decorations and favours at the dollar or discount store. Let your child help pick them out.

Perhaps your child would like to express their creativity by making their own invitations and decorations.

If you're planning to give the attendees "loot bags," have your child share the job of filling them up with dollar store treats.